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Aww. Sad face.

It’s the last Saturday of my last Spring Break ever. And I’m not even having fun!! I’m back in Sacramento and I’m on call tonight, 8pm until 8am tomorrow morning. Being on call makes me so nervous! I won’t mind going in to treat a patient if it comes to that, I just hate fielding the phone calls. I’m terrified I won’t give the right advice, or I won’t ask the right questions, or I won’t get enough information for the resident… *sigh*

Spring Break was really amazing. I got to spend a lot of really great quality time with my wonderful husband :) We went to the movies, ate sushi, rented movies and just hung out and spent time together. It was much needed! And on Thursday I got to hang out with my two closest friends. I met up with my best friend early, and we went out shopping at some of our favorite stores: La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Supply Sergeant, and Dark Delicacies. It was mostly window shopping, since I’m poor, but I always love visiting those stores. Especially with my best friend, I have a blast with her. Then we met up with Scott and another friend of ours at Don Cuco for some margaritas and Mexican food, followed by hookah and then a late night pie run to House of Pies. Hanging out with the two of them (Scott had leave after dinner due to work the next morning) always reminds me of old times and I really miss it.

Last night I flew back to Sacramento, and today I’ve been laying around with the kitties and relaxing. Here’s hoping for no phone calls tonight!!


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Last Spring Break. Ever.

I’m currently enjoying being bored out of my mind.

Spring Break officially started last Friday at noon, when I finished my last final exam of the quarter. That afternoon I went and saw The Hunger Games with some friends, and the theater was probably at least 50% vet students. Everyone had the same idea for celebrating the end of the quarter. Then Saturday I did nothing – I was supposed to go hiking, but we canceled because it was supposed to rain. Of course, it didn’t rain. That’s okay, I spent the day relaxing. Sunday I got on a plane and came down to L.A. to spend some time with my hubby.

He had Monday, Tuesday, and today off and Monday night we went to Sugarfish for dinner. Holy crap. It was stupid amazing. I would eat there every day if I were rich. Then yesterday we went and saw The Hunger Games. Yes, that’s right, I saw it twice in the theater in less than a week. But it’s SO good, and I LOVE the trilogy, so I enjoyed seeing it a second time.

Now, Scott has to work in the morning, so he went to bed a few hours ago and I’m wide awake and bored! I should probably go lie down, I’m sure I’d get to sleep before long. But it seems that whenever given the choice, I quickly switch to a night owl schedule. So I’m watching TV, playing iPhone games, reading, and screwing around on the internet. I’m enjoying my completely free time! I return to Sacramento on Friday, have an on-call shift Saturday 8pm – 8am, and start classes for my last quarter of coursework EVER on Monday.

And then, in 2.5 months, I start clinics. And one year after that, I’ll be a doctor. Whoa.

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I’ll take Baby Animals for $200, Alex

Last night Jeopardy came on while I was studying. There was actually a category called “Baby Animals” and I felt super smart for about 10 minutes. One of the questions was something along the lines of “This is used to describe a baby horse OR the act of giving birth to that baby.” I screamed “FOAL!” at the TV. One person guessed “filly” and another guessed “pony.” No one got it and I cackled madly at the television. But then they switched back to Roman Emperors or Czechoslovakian History or Ancient Asian Religions or some such and I felt half retarded again. Maybe even completely retarded. I fully admit that I know a lot about a very, very, little. And not much else. 

In other news, I had my first on call night for our VMTH’s exotic animal service last night. I was on call for 15 hours and terrified that I’d get called in. I have a huge final tomorrow and probably should not have signed up for it, but it worked out. I got one call about advice on an injured snake at 9pm, and that’s it. I got paid to study and sleep, woo!  


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Gah! Once again it’s been over a month since I’ve posted. I’ve gotten really lazy about it, enjoying my free time working out, going hiking, hanging out with friends, etc. Third year is by far more relaxed, once past Fall quarter. Last week was rough – 3 exams, surgery (I was anesthetist), and a discussion write up. But that was the only week like that, thank goodness. I have a lot of work to do in the couple of weeks before Spring Break, but not many in class exams. A paper, some group projects, and some take home exams. Stuff that I can do anytime, anywhere, at my own pace.

I’m finding more and more that I love two subjects I didn’t expect to: endocrinology and anesthesia. However, I don’t love either of them enough to completely change my track and try to work towards being specialized. The good thing is that I’ll get plenty of anesthesia exposure as a lab animal vet; but not so much with endocrinology. Hopefully there will be some animal models and I can get my fix that way!

Speaking of being a lab animal vet… it’s absolutely crazy to me that I start clinics in just 3 months – how in the world did that happen?! The last 2-3 years have really flown by! I’m alternatively super excited and super terrified about clinics. They’ll expect me to KNOW THINGS! But when I think about my 12 weeks of externships, I’m super excited :) I can’t wait to work at Johns Hopkins and The Salk Institute – I just know I’m going to learn SO MUCH and work with leaders in the field. Aaahh exciting! And starting clinics in three months (even writing that is still bizarre) means I’ll be a doctor in one year and three months. Fifteen months. Um. What. That blows my mind every time I think about it.

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