I’ll take Baby Animals for $200, Alex

Last night Jeopardy came on while I was studying. There was actually a category called “Baby Animals” and I felt super smart for about 10 minutes. One of the questions was something along the lines of “This is used to describe a baby horse OR the act of giving birth to that baby.” I screamed “FOAL!” at the TV. One person guessed “filly” and another guessed “pony.” No one got it and I cackled madly at the television. But then they switched back to Roman Emperors or Czechoslovakian History or Ancient Asian Religions or some such and I felt half retarded again. Maybe even completely retarded. I fully admit that I know a lot about a very, very, little. And not much else. 

In other news, I had my first on call night for our VMTH’s exotic animal service last night. I was on call for 15 hours and terrified that I’d get called in. I have a huge final tomorrow and probably should not have signed up for it, but it worked out. I got one call about advice on an injured snake at 9pm, and that’s it. I got paid to study and sleep, woo!  



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2 responses to “I’ll take Baby Animals for $200, Alex

  1. jasmine

    Just discovering your blogs! I am a first year vet student at LSU (only a few weeks to go before summer!!!). So when do you ACTUALLY start feeling like a veterinarian?? Because I felt more knowledgeable and confident when I started and it’s just a shocker when you realize HOW MUCH you do not know about the medical world.

    • schwarzmus

      Haha, good question!! I definitely still don’t feel like a veterinarian, and to me it’s still completely surreal that I’ll be starting clinics in 2.5 months and a doctor in just over a year.

      I also think that lectures and exams aren’t the best for preparing you for clinical competency. I feel that I’ll finally start feeling like a veterinarian when clinics start, and I start reinforcing all of the information I’ve supposedly learned by applying it :)

      Good luck at LSU! And enjoy your summer :) I’m enjoying my last weekend of my last Spring Break ever.

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