Aww. Sad face.

It’s the last Saturday of my last Spring Break ever. And I’m not even having fun!! I’m back in Sacramento and I’m on call tonight, 8pm until 8am tomorrow morning. Being on call makes me so nervous! I won’t mind going in to treat a patient if it comes to that, I just hate fielding the phone calls. I’m terrified I won’t give the right advice, or I won’t ask the right questions, or I won’t get enough information for the resident… *sigh*

Spring Break was really amazing. I got to spend a lot of really great quality time with my wonderful husband :) We went to the movies, ate sushi, rented movies and just hung out and spent time together. It was much needed! And on Thursday I got to hang out with my two closest friends. I met up with my best friend early, and we went out shopping at some of our favorite stores: La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Supply Sergeant, and Dark Delicacies. It was mostly window shopping, since I’m poor, but I always love visiting those stores. Especially with my best friend, I have a blast with her. Then we met up with Scott and another friend of ours at Don Cuco for some margaritas and Mexican food, followed by hookah and then a late night pie run to House of Pies. Hanging out with the two of them (Scott had leave after dinner due to work the next morning) always reminds me of old times and I really miss it.

Last night I flew back to Sacramento, and today I’ve been laying around with the kitties and relaxing. Here’s hoping for no phone calls tonight!!


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