While I Can…

I had the most amazing Memorial Day weekend! I’m having a lot of fun this quarter, and trying to hang out with friends and just enjoy life while I can. Clinics start in less than three weeks, and then my life will be very different for the next year. I’ll be extremely busy, long hours, and I don’t have a single rotation with any of my closest friends. So I’m trying to have a good time while it lasts, letting my school work get behind but not caring. I’ll do enough to pass my classes, and then move into the next chapter of my life – the chapter after coursework!!

Anyway, this weekend was packed and I loved every second of it. On Friday after classes a friend and I went to the Vacaville Outlets and shopped for clothes for clinics (professional attire required for a lot of rotations – and I had basically nothing!) and ate at Chick-fil-A. We found some amazing sales and walked away with a lot of great stuff. :) Then on Saturday morning, I went hiking with some friends near Lake Tahoe, at Loch Leven Lakes. It’s an absolutely beautiful and somewhat difficult 8 mile hike through mountains and forest with lakes and waterfalls – probably the most beautiful hike I’ve ever been on. And partway through the hike is started SNOWING!! We weren’t prepared for it, but I had enough clothing to stay mostly warm and it was so incredibly beautiful that it was worth the cold. It was an awesome day that ended with a huge hot chocolate, haha. Then I was up super early on Sunday to go to a spay/neuter clinic, where I was the sole surgeon doing cat neuters. It was nice to refresh my neutering skills and get some practice in while helping to control the unwanted pet population. I plan to continue doing this when I’m a vet – volunteering at clinics to do surgery for free. It was a lot of fun, but a long and tiring day! That night I went to Chevy’s with a friend and indulged in Happy Hour margaritas and food :) My weekend rounded out with a small Memorial Day BBQ on Monday with friends that included grilled tri-tip and corn, yum!!

So I didn’t do a single thing school related this weekend. Should I have? Yeah, of course. I have a couple of hard exams coming up, a paper due soon that I haven’t even started on. But I refuse to feel guilty about enjoying what is most likely my last Spring with a lot of my friends. If vet school has taught me anything, it’s that there are more important things in life than grades. :)


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