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Sorry I haven’t posted in over a month! Clinics have definitely kept me busy! In a good way though… I have to say that I am really enjoying clinics. I absolutely love it. :) I was afraid of being completely miserable because I did not feel prepared and I felt like I had forgotten everything I learned during three years of  coursework. But even though I have forgotten a lot, and I don’t know all the answers when the clinicians ask me questions, I’ve also discovered that I know more than I realized. And more than that, vet school has taught me how to think about medicine, and that’s more important than all of the random facts I could pull out of my brain. I’m going to be a doctor in 10.5 months… and for the first time since starting this journey, I feel like I may actually made a good one someday. :)

About my rotations… anesthesia was freaking amazing. I completely fell in love with it and honestly, if I were small animal track, I would plan on an anesthesia residency. However, I’m individual track because my plan has always been (and still is) to get a lab animal medicine residency after vet school and then work as a clinical lab animal vet. I have, however, received the contact information for two vets that specialize in lab animal anesthesia and have e-mailed them to start some conversation. Because combining anesthesia and lab animal medicine would be my dream job :)

After that was two weeks of fish health, which was amazing!! I learned sooooo much (I started with nothing, so that’s not saying much, haha)! And it was a really fun rotation with lots of field trips :D  Trout and salmon hatchery, a sturgeon farm, a small local zoo, a koi breeder, a huge aquarium pet store, and the Steinhart Aquarium! It was pretty awesome, and I did get to develop some skills in fish diagnostics (necropsies, biopsies, skin scrapes, etc.). I was extremely happy that I was able to take that rotation, I found it really enjoyable and a great learning experience.

Lastly, I just finished my community med rotation (community medicine = general practice, what the average person takes their pet to the community veterinarian for). I was very nervous about the rotation because I have ZERO general practice experience besides as a client. All of my vet med experience before school was in emergency hospitals. I was overwhelmed by things that a lot of people in vet med would laugh at – vaccines, vaccine schedules, parasite management, etc. But the rotation went really well!! I learned so much (seems to be the common theme with all rotations, which is the point) and had a great time. There were times when it was stressful and I was definitely up late some nights writing records… but I love the rotation. I got to play with puppies and kittens and the clinicians were nice, patient, and great teachers. :)

Now I’ve been on my Clinical Pathology rotation for 2 days and it’s pretty awesome. It’s a great little break because it’s 9am-4pm and in a classroom. It’s a nice refresher for analyzing blood work, UA, and other fluids. We get lectures and cases and an actual lunch hour (GASP!). There are no inpatients, no records to write, and super short hours. I’m getting a great reminder of a ton of information I’ve already learned at some point (and have forgotten) and it’s a nice little break from the crazy rotations. Today I got to enjoy happy hour at deVere’s with some friends, probably the last rotation during which that will be a possibility!



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