Senior Amazingness

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting. I’ve just been insanely busy on clinics! CAPE was super amazing. It was intense, long hours, completely exhausting and definitely my hardest rotation yet… but it was great!! I learned so much and had a great time. My patients included a 5′ iguana, a hedgehog, and a 50 pound turkey! :) And then I was in Baltimore doing a 4 week externship at Johns Hopkins… and that was incredible. The residents were really awesome and gave me and the other extern so many opportunities to jump in and gain hands-on experience. I did so many things that I hadn’t done before and was able to practice some lab animal handling skills that were slightly rusty. It helped confirm that lab animal med is what I want to do with my DVM :) And now, I’ve just finished a 2 week rotation on C-Barn – at the VMTH in Davis, that’s the livestock medicine and surgery service. And that was also amazing!! Cows and sheep and goats and pigs! So much fun :D

Man. Fourth year is intense. It’s incredibly hard and hectic and sleep depriving. There are many times that I am behind and so exhausted and there are times I feel like I don’t know anything. But holy crap, it’s a million times better than the first three years. I am loving clinics! I am actually learning how to be a doctor and practicing at it. THIS is what it’s about. THIS is why I came to vet school. I am putting into practice my medical knowledge and managing medical cases and communicating with clients and making decisions to help my adorable and amazing patients. Sure beats sitting in lecture for eight hours a day and cramming for exams ;)


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  1. After seeing so much misery around me and working with people who are constatly indignant and resentful about their jobs, it’s so nice to read someone’s excitement and love for what they do.

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