Happy Holidays Indeed!

There I go again, not posting for a month. But it was a really crazy month… I ended up being on nineteen (!!!) airplane flights in the course of 3.5 weeks. It was pretty insane. I went and interviewed for residency positions at Vanderbilt University, University of Michigan, and The Ohio State University. I ended up turning down interviews at Tulane and Yale, because of scheduling and the fact that I really loved the places I already interviewed. Also, somewhere mixed in there, I took the NAVLE. It was awful and terrible and horrible. A six hour exam designed to make me feel like an idiot and like I haven’t learned a single thing in vet school! But it’s over (for now, haha) and I won’t find out if I passed or failed until the end of next month. 

I did get possibly the best Christmas present ever, in the form of an e-mail I received when I got back to the hotel after my interview at Ohio… I have been offered a residency position at the University of Pennsylvania!!! AAaahhhhh!! I am over the top thrilled, as it has remained my favorite place and the place that I really feel I belong through all of the interviews. I am SO EXCITED about this!! I haven’t officially accepted the offer yet, as my husband would prefer that I see what other offers come my way and then weigh the programs. I’ve also been offered a position at The Ohio State, but Vanderbilt and Michigan don’t send out offers until next month. However, in my heart I know I belong at UPenn, and Scott and I have already been looking into the move and the logistics of that. But it’s so amazing… I will be a resident in six months. :D

The holidays themselves were great. I spent some time with my mom and brother while I was in Columbus for my interview, as they only live 3 hours away from there. I couldn’t afford a ticket to Ohio for Christmas, so they just joined me in Columbus for a few days and it was so wonderful that I got to see them. :) We went to the zoo and dinner and just hung out and had a great time. Then for Christmas I had a break from clinics and spent it with my husband and in-laws in San Diego, it was a great and relaxing holiday.

Now I’m back in Sacramento, and am covering anesthesia during the New Years holiday. So I’m on call all day today, all night tonight, and then from 6pm-8am until January 2nd. I am positive I’ll get called in a couple of times, but it’s nice to sit back and just relax otherwise. I start my anatomic pathology rotation next, and I’m excited for it because I actually really like pathology. I’ve also heard great things about the rotation, so I’m looking forward to it. It will be hard to live up to my last rotation though… on primate med I got to amputate 3 digits, repair multiple lacerations (some of which had deep muscle involvement and were pretty complicated), and extract 2 adult macaque canine teeth. Pretty freaking amazing! 

And now… back to couch, electric blanket, and TV. :) 


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  1. Congrats on all these offers! UPenn sounds like a great place for the residency. Do they have many primates, or do you care either way on that? Glad I found your blog!

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