Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!! It’s 2013… this is the year that I graduate. The year that I finally become a doctor. The year I become a resident. I can’t believe that the year I graduate is actually here. When I applied for vet school in 2008, 2013 sounded SO far away! And now it’s here. I graduate from vet school in 5.5 months, and start my residency at UPenn 2 weeks after that. Crazy. Crazy and amazing.

I spent a good portion of the night actually at the VMTH. I was on call overnight for anesthesia, and they called me in at 5:30pm for a corneal ulceration repair. I was bummed at the prospect of bringing in the new year in the hospital. Not just bummed, angry and frustrated. I had an amazing potluck party to attend with all of my closest friends. I really wanted to ring in the new year with them, since it’s our grad year. Well, I was stoked to be done at about 10pm, just in time to hear that there was another case coming in. The doctor told me to go to my potluck to eat some dinner, and that she would call me when they were ready to take the dog to surgery. So I went to the potluck, waiting to be called back. But then suddenly it was 10 till midnight and I had sparkling cider in my hand ready to cheers. I got to ring in the new year full of good food and surrounded by great friends and laughs. :)

It’s now 2am, and I still haven’t gotten that call. Maybe the doctor took pity on me (I was visibly pissed at having to be there), maybe they decided not to go to surgery tonight, or maybe I’ll still get called in at some point. Either way, I’m thrilled that I didn’t bring in the new year recording vitals during an ocular surgery :)


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