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Loving Life :)

First and foremost… I PASSED THE NATIONAL BOARD EXAM!! :D I actually absolutely believed that I failed it. It was a horrible torture of an exam and I thought for sure that I’d be retaking it. But nope!! I effing PASSED! I cannot express what an enormous relief that is. Screw that exam, it was awful. But I beat it and never have to take it again.

Also, I officially accepted the residency offer from University of Pennsylvania, and got the official written offer in the mail several days ago. I cannot wait to start that next step in my journey. I loved the program, I loved the people, and how amazing that they loved me, too? :) My life is not unfolding the way I imagined. It is a million times better than I ever thought possible. It is almost like a fairy tale… just 6-7ish years ago I was a punk chick with a terrible job and no direction. No motivation. Headed for a life of bitter jadedness and resentment. I am forever grateful that my fabulous husband (just my boyfriend at the time) not only stuck by my side, but encouraged me to follow my dreams and go back to school. And now here I am… I will be a doctor in less than 4 months, and start a residency at the University of Pennsylvania in less than 5. Aww, cheesy. I can’t help it, I never saw myself making it to this point. There were even multiple times throughout vet school when I didn’t think I belonged there and that I would never graduate.

As for what I’m up to now, I’m in beautiful San Diego, participating in an 8 week lab animal medicine externship at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. It is a truly amazing and inspiring place, and I am thrilled to be getting part of my education there. I have finished 2 weeks, and have already learned an incredible amount. The clinical veterinarian is really amazing and loves teaching. Also, being in San Diego, living with my in-laws, means I get to see my husband every. single. weekend!! We’ve lived 6 hours apart through all of vet school, and I’m used to seeing him once every 3-5 weeks, so seeing him every weekend is so wonderful!

TL;DR version: I passed the NAVLE. I graduate as a doctor in less than 4 months. I start a lab animal medicine residency at UPenn July 1st. I’m doing an externship at the Salk Institute. I currently get to see my husband every weekend. Yeah… I am loving life right now. :)



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