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Life in Philly… as a Doctor

I feel pretty fortunate to have the life that I’m living. It was long and hard road to get here, but here I am. I have the most amazing and supportive marriage, I live in a bustling, lively, fun city, I graduated from vet school and am now working in my dream residency. A part of me is seriously waiting for something terrible to happen, to balance out all of this greatness.

My residency is going well. I’m learning so much every day, and specifically learning how to navigate treatments and such in this environment. It’s very different from a vet clinic setting! This program is so great, because I get experience with large animals and with rodents on every rotation. Just this week I’ve already seen a ton of mouse cases, some rat cases, a couple of sick pigs, gave some pigs mineral oil rubs (which they LOVE!), and did physical exams on new quarantine ferrets. The ferrets, by the way, are punks. They’re cute punks, but punks nonetheless. Bitey, toothy little punks, haha. And today I will do physical exams on some kittens. <3 And next week I will neuter a pig :-o Slowly but surely, I’m also starting to believe that I’m actually a doctor. I’m beginning to gain confidence in my knowledge and abilities, and that’s pretty awesome. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m on my way to really feeling like a doctor.

This week is my last on this rotation (we have 4 rotations and spend two months at a time on each). Next week I start a new rotation, and in addition to mice and rats, I will be responsible for dogs, different cats, sheep, and aquatics. How cool is that?! One of the reasons I love this field so much is the wonderful variety of species. One of the huge reasons, actually. In what other field of vet med can you learn about and treat so many different animals?

Living in Philadelphia has also proven to be really, really great. I’ve been going hiking almost every weekend, and it’s been somewhere different every time. And there are still so many places I haven’t explored. There’s also a lot of great food here, and the museums are really incredible. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is enormous and inspiring; Scott and I spent 5 hours in there and still didn’t see everything! We have also visited the Mutter Museum, which I linked to in my last post – I was fascinated the whole time and want to go back. There are many other museums that we haven’t had the chance to visit yet, not to mention the zoo is apparently incredible and there are some beautiful arboretums. Oh yeah, and all of the historical monuments and sight seeing in downtown.

We live in a duplex in a suburb of Philly; this adorable, quiet, everyone walks their dogs and stroller kind of suburb. And I really love it. It’s about a 25 minute commute to work, but being from L.A., that’s nothing. It’s worth it to come home to such a lovely place at night.

Honestly, I’m loving living in Philly more and sooner than I expected. This city is pretty awesome, and I wouldn’t mind settling down here. Of course, you should ask me how I feel once Winter hits, haha. And my residency is so fantastic, not only the animals but the people as well. Things are pretty sweet right now, and I hope they only continue to get sweeter.


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Life is Good


Spending an amazing day with my husband in Philly and falling in love with the city more and more. Incredible breakfast, Mutter Museum, and sipping coffee outside. :)

More about how residency is going later!

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