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Aaaand I Spoke Too Soon

Remember how in my last post I said I was waiting for something bad to happen to balance out all of the good? Well the universe read that and saw an opportunity to shit on me. The same day that I wrote that, my husband decided to take my car into the shop because it shakes pretty badly when you go above 60 mph. On the way to the shop, he rolled down the window. It would not roll back up. The verdict? A new tie rod, a new regulator for the automatic window, and two new tires. I wouldn’t care too much about the window, but both that and the tires will apparently cause my car to fail inspection. Stupid state with inspection. All of those repairs are about $750. Ouch. We took the car home to talk/think about it, but in the end decided we didn’t really have an option. We aren’t in a place to buy a new car, it’s not feasible to just never drive my car over 60 mph, and it has to pass inspection. So we dropped it off today to get all of the repairs done.

That SAME NIGHT, Simon (my 11 year old thick headed boy kitty) ate several pieces of rope-like string. I don’t think I blogged about it, but Simon had an enterotomy 2 weeks before graduation because he ate multiple pieces of a tulle skirt that were obstructing his jejunum and threatening perforation. So here we are, 2.5 months later, and he eats more foreign material. So I freaked out, tried to induce vomiting with H2O2 (ugh, never works in kitties!), and watched him all night. The next day he was fine, eating, active, etc. But I was crazy worried so I took him to a local emergency vet for abdominal rads. He had foreign material in his colon, but otherwise the abdomen was clear. Thank GOD. He passed some feces with string in it over the weekend, and has been perfectly normal. That punk had me so worried.

So it was a stressful few days. I started my new rotation today, and it began with a 7:50am call to look at a sick sheep. I had just gotten to the office early to get my coffee, read my email, and ease into my day. But it started with chaos and didn’t really end. And this week is shaping up to continue in that fashion. I’ll have to talk about it all later, I need to get back to my journal club presentation…


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