I had a pretty amazing few days. Scott was in town, which is always the best ever. He got in Friday night instead of his usual Thursday night because I had a Food Animal Med exam Friday morning. After the week I had, it was so amazing to see him and basically collapse into his arms. All week I had about 4 hours of sleep a night – three exams and surgery (being the surgeon) really took it out of me. So it was a very welcome sight to see him at the airport :)

I pretty much crashed that night, haha, and slept in Saturday morning. Which was much needed! That day we went to the movies and saw “50/50,” and it is a really wonderful and touching movie. You should go see it. On Sunday morning I had an outreach event, and spent some time talking to kids about vet med and why it’s the best profession ever. We brought some radiographs of various animals with us, and they were a huge hit. I love doing outreach! Afterwards I came home and relaxed with Scott for a bit, then we were off to Lord of the Rings in concert!! Holy crap, it was so amazing! The score is usually the background of a movie, and having it played by an orchestra added so much to the movie. The music was no longer background, it was front and center and breath taking. It helps that those are my favorite three movies of all time. :)

Then on Monday Scott came to class with me (only 3 hours, yay!), and after class we went out with some friends to an Indian buffet, which is always a hit with me. That night we went out to sushi for dinner, to celebrate my externship at Johns Hopkins and the success of my first surgery. I adore sushi and would eat it every day if I could! And we found our new favorite place, because it was delicious! Mmmm sushi!

This morning Scott made me breakfast while I got some studying done, and we mostly just hung out around the apartment (I only had one class today, so skipped it). Secretly, that’s my favorite thing to do with Scott :) He also made lunch for us and did some chores. I have the most incredible husband on the planet, he takes care of me and I love him more than anything. And then around 7pm I took him to the airport and said goodbye for three weeks. I’ve mentioned this before, but saying goodbye continues to get harder instead of easier. :( Now I’m trying to get some work done for Friday’s exam (Small Animal Med), but am getting sleepy and think I’ll head off to bed soon… maybe after some wine. It’s always hard to get to sleep the night Scott leaves, no matter how tired I am. The bed is just so big and empty.


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